Extract from Johns Emails sent to all members.


Why not enter one (or more) of the 2018-19 Individual Knockout Championships?
Entry is free
Five sections as follows,
Open Rapid
Under 150
Under 125
Under 100.

Please refer to your email for details how to enter.


As most of u know from attending our AGM 2018  and from the minutes of that meeting recently circulated to u all – as opposed to individuals playing persons in their own registered division only – the New style Individual cups instead of –  takes on a format of six banded graded sections open to anyone eligible for ordinary league play on 1st October 2018. Any player may enter the banded section he/or she qualifies for or any higher band – provided the Tournament sub – committee has a place available. The banded sections are as below –

Individual One     –    Open

Individual Two     –   160 max

Individual Three  –   140 max

Individual Four    –    120 max

Individual Five     –    100 max

Individual  Six      –     80 max

This year I shall collate all Solihull individual entries and enter on block hopefully within the next 10 days – but has to be done before the 1st Oct . At our AGM I made a plea of support to present and non present members to enter this new style tournament as Solihull did second the new format at he BDCL AGM in order to promote players playing opponents of their own strength or higher if wished.

At the meeting the following persons volunteered to enter namely –

(Open  –  Tony)       (160 max – julian, ray and nigel)      (140max – myself, mike J)    (120 max – Paul Silverman, Dez)   (100max – Penny ) whom I shall enter unless u wish to withdraw.

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