A mixed bag of results this week.

In the LDCL Div 1 Solihull beat Kenilworth  moving themselves into second place behind Olton.

In the LDCL Div 4  Solihull lost to Stratford C and Solihull F lost to Kenilworth and Stratford D.

The LDCL Under 700 Cup Semi-Final was a closely fought contest between Olton and Solihull. Solihull winning on Board Count after a very late win by Ray Carpenter on Board One. Solihull will now play Banbury in the Final.

In the BDCL Div 3 Solihull beat Mutual Circle and great result as Solihull were unable to play their strongest team.

Best individual player this week goes to Trevor Reece for his win on Board 1 in LDCL Div 4 beating a player 43 grading points above his own.

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